Top 10 Questions to ask an ERW Vendor

If your practice is like most gastroenterology practices, a perfect day is a day spent focused on patients. Caring for those in need is what you enjoy most. Patients rely on your insight and expertise for relief from a myriad of health issues; from heart burn and abdominal pain to cancer and liver disease. Helping them overcome their ailments to live healthier, more productive lives is why you do what you do.

Because your days are dedicated to diagnosing and treating your patients’ gastrointestinal issues, diagnosing and treating your own practice workflow issues can take a back seat. But if your staff is currently struggling with software that’s difficult to use, it means neither your patients nor practice are receiving the full benefit of your time and attention.

One of the biggest areas of opportunity for gastroenterology practices to streamline workflow and buy back time is with their endoscopy report writer (ERW) software. Do you know how your ERW software measures up to others on the market when it comes to efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ease of use? To help you figure it out, we worked with practicing gastroenterologists to develop a guide to the Top 10 Questions to ask an ERW Vendor. The guide features the essential questions you should be asking of your current or prospective ERW vendor, as well as the answers you should hear in return.

Evaluating Endoscopy Report Writer Software Features

If you’re thinking of implementing ERW software or switching to a new ERW vendor, there are countless considerations to keep in mind. Although our guide will serve as a valuable starter for your efforts, a foundational understanding of what makes for an effective solution is helpful before beginning your vendor research.

The best endoscopy reporting software will help you save time by providing at-a-glance access to the data you need. For example, some ERW software providers feature interfaces that deliver key information on a single screen. This enables you to generate a wide range of detailed reports and notes in a matter of minutes; from procedure notes to discharge notes to referring physician letters.

One of the biggest challenges in achieving improved practice efficiency lies in proper software integration. The best EHR systems on the market will integrate seamlessly with gastroenterology software, allowing you to access clinical and endoscopy records within the same system. Well integrated ERW software will allow your team to utilize and update key patient data without the inefficient redundancy of duplicate entries.

Your software server environment is also something that should not be overlooked. Based on your practice’s unique organizational needs, you can choose to have the added control afforded by a server-based endoscopy reporting system hosted on premise, or the scalability, flexibility and ease of accessibility provided by a cloud-based system. Just make sure to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each.

Don’t forget support. Through onboarding, training and beyond, you should be able to trust your vendor team to deliver professional, responsive support that can help you get the absolute most out of your ERW system. 

Finally, always keep in mind that your goal is to spend more time caring for patients, not coding software. During your ERW search, check to see which vendors offer software built by actual gastroenterologists. ERW software developed in conjunction with top gastroenterologists will typically fit far better into your practice-specific workflow and without the need for unnecessary and costly customization.

You Have ERW Questions. Modernizing Medicine® has Answers.

We created our guide to the Top 10 Questions to ask an ERW Vendor because we understand that your choice of an endoscopy reporting system should be the most informed choice possible. While researching your software options, additional questions will undoubtedly arise. When they do, please keep the healthcare technology professionals at Modernizing Medicine in mind. We have the answers you need and are happy to help.

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