The ABCDEs of EMA™: Valuable Dermatology EHR Features

Planning to transition from paper charts or from your current electronic health record (EHR) system to another? We certainly understand that it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Many factors come into play when weighing different features and benefits of your potential new solution.

However, if you want to be among one of the thousands of dermatology practices that have experienced increased practice efficiencies and improved workflows, then it may be time to consider EMA as your dermatology EHR of choice.

When you download this guidebook, “The ABCDEs of EMA for Dermatology,” you’ll get a glimpse into what our award-winning* dermatology EHR can offer you and your practice. Here are a handful of the beneficial features:

  • An adaptive learning engine and predictive algorithms
  • Built-in dermatology knowledge by practicing dermatologists
  • Convenient lab interfaces
  • Data-driven technology
  • ePA
  • And so much more

When researching, vetting and selecting a new dermatology EHR system, you want to make sure it checks all the boxes when it comes to features your current setup lags behind in. Right out of the box, EMA is ready with its built-in dermatology knowledge including 450 chief complaints, 2,500+ diagnoses with ICD-10 codes, and 2,800+ treatment plans and procedures. You can read about some of our award-winning EHR’s key features in “The ABCDEs of EMA for Dermatology” guidebook.

While Modernizing Medicine® offers an all-in-one dermatology software solution, this guide specifically highlights the features of our dermatology EHR system, EMA. When it comes to dermatology software, EMA can help provide a solid foundation for your practice.

Our Clients Share Some of Their Favorite Dermatology EHR Features

Don’t just take our word for it. Our clients have experienced the benefits of our system, time and time again. Read what some of them shared.

“I do have three office locations, so being cloud-based provides the ease of portability. If my physician’s assistant is seeing a patient in another office and has a question, I can look up the patient information and provide an answer no matter which office I’m in.”- Tina Venetos, MD, Northshore Dermatology Center.

“With the extra time our providers save, we can add even more patients to the schedule. The Protocols feature is a favorite among our providers. It’s so quick! They can document a visit in about 30 seconds, and then they’re done.” -Paula Ubelhor, Practice Manager of Randall Dermatology

“From a clinical standpoint, I love EMA. My charting time has been reduced by 50-75 percent, giving me more time to answer emails and perform other tasks.” - Jennifer D. Holman, MD of U.S. Dermatology Partners

“Time is a very important aspect of my life and EMA has helped give me valuable time back. I choose to document my patient’s visits with the iPad which enables me to tap my way through an exam, ePrescribe and finalize a detailed note all before the patient leaves the office.” -Gary Slaughter, MD, Charlotte Dermatology

Interested in Learning More About Our Dermatology EHR?

This informative guide highlights features of the #1 dermatology EHR system that has helped dermatology practices around the country. Learn more about the features and how they can help improve the clinical, operational and financial aspects of your practice today.

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*According to 2018 Black Book™ Research

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