How to Choose a Gastroenterology EHR System

When you step back and evaluate your current gastroenterology electronic health records (EHR) system needs, you will likely find that it is easier to pinpoint what is not working rather than what is. And when it comes time to address those issues and compare your practices’ existing system with other EHR systems in the market, things can get even fuzzier. That’s because not all EHR systems offer the same features and functionality.

To aid in your search, we've developed an insider guide to the top features of effective GI EHR systems. We call it a Blueprint for Choosing Gastroenterology Software. This guide can help you choose a software platform that offers the features to help practices like yours save time and run more smoothly.

The Gastroenterology EHR System Marketplace

If you are a gastroenterologist that is dissatisfied with your current EHR system, you’re not alone. The good news? The healthcare technology marketplace has never had so many EHR software options available to choose from. The bad news? The healthcare technology marketplace has never had so many EHR software options available to choose from!

We understand that the abundance of choice can be anxiety inducing. Today’s range of EHR systems are loaded with features and are more powerful than ever before. As you’re aware, many are also designed to address the practice-specific needs of healthcare professionals with specialized areas of focus, like ophthalmology, orthopedics or, in your case, gastroenterology.

Making sure you choose a system capable of seamlessly adapting to your unique practice workflow, rather than a system that forces you to adjust your operations to its workflow, is one of the most important considerations to take into account. A great deal of this boils down to feature sets, integration and ease of use. The best EHR systems will mimic your day-to-day workflow and have GI-specific diagnoses, orders, billing codes and more already built in. Unlike more generic systems, gastroenterology-specific systems will be able to better immediately address your needs—and without the significant delay and cost of customization.

Gastroenterology EHR System Features and Your Practice

When you’ve pinpointed the range of EHR system options you’ll be giving hard consideration, it is enormously important to go through a thorough comparative analysis. Performance, features and support options can vary greatly from system to system and should all be placed under the microscope. Only by considering them in relation to one another and in the context of your gastroenterology practice workflow can you get a clearer picture of the systems that will best serve your needs.

For instance, does your GI practice need help with the following?

  • Speeding up patient processing
  • More seamless software systems integration
  • Improved ease of use for staff
  • More actionable reporting
  • Easy access to outside data sources
  • Providing offsite access to patient records
  • Engaging online with your patients

Even after you’ve successfully chosen a EHR system that you believe addresses your needs, the actual switching of systems can be daunting. Like most GI practices, the software you currently employ serves as the backbone of your day-to-day operations. Any change, big or small, can be disruptive. At this point, it is important to keep in mind that one small step back will result in three long leaps forward.

The effort it takes to effect change in your practice could reap very real and long-term dividends. Operating your gastroenterology practice with one of today’s state-of-the-art EHR systems can radically streamline your day-to-day operations, helping you provide more focused patient care in less time while helping to strengthen your bottom line.

Consider our Blueprint for Choosing Gastroenterology Software Guide a cheat sheet for understanding the features that will help you more effectively evaluate and compare different EHR systems, and help you make an informed and confident decision for your gastroenterology practice in today’s fast-moving EHR system marketplace.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

One thing we are certain of: During the process of researching and comparing gastroenterology EHR systems, you will have a steady stream of questions. Our Blueprint for Choosing Gastroenterology Software will help you ask the right ones. When it comes time to getting the answers you need to make informed choices, make sure to keep the experts at Modernizing Medicine® in mind. We know gastroenterology software because we’re the physicians who helped build one of the most powerful gastroenterology software on the planet. We’re here and we’re happy to help.

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