Quiz: How Efficient is Your Gastroenterology Practice?

Quiz: How Efficient is Your Gastroenterology Practice?

We’ll venture a guess: An ideal day at your gastroenterology practice is one dedicated entirely to your patients. Not much of a reach, right? A desire to help those in need is why most healthcare professionals become healthcare professionals. On the flip side, your patients want as much of your time and focus as they can get. They rely on your expertise for relief from all types of gastrointestinal issues—from heartburn and hepatitis to cancer and Crohn’s—and the care you provide is essential to keeping them happy and healthy.

But how healthy is your practice itself? With your days dedicated to providing high-quality patient care it can be difficult to diagnose and treat your own practice management issues. For example, do you ever take the time to ask:

  • How much time your staff spends every week entering patient data?
  • Why there never seems to be enough time during the day to complete your notes?
  • Why it’s so difficult to add new patients while maintaining the same level of care?

Modernizing Medicine® Gastroenterology has deep experience and expertise in helping streamline gastroenterology workflow. It’s what we do. We know that the healthiest gastroenterology practices not only are continually putting their workflow under the microscope, but are also committed to taking the necessary steps to improve. To make this effort easier for your practice, we developed an interactive efficiency quiz to help you quickly diagnose bottlenecks and get on the path to greater productivity.

The #1 Benefit of Streamlining Gastroenterology Practice Management

A gastroenterology practice with a keen patient focus is a very good thing. A gastroenterology practice with a blind patient focus is obviously not. Disregarding your practice needs can often result in diminished quality of care and an inability to grow. This is why it’s important to regularly step back from the exam room and take a look at your processes and procedures with an objective eye. Only by taking the time to clarify where things are bogging down will you have the understanding needed to explore the gastroenterology systems and software that can help provide the single most important benefit to your practice; increased efficiency.

For healthcare practices of all shapes, sizes and specialties, increased efficiency should remain a fixed and constant target. Productivity improvements directly correlate to bottom line improvements, and a practice with healthier finances will almost invariably have healthier patient relationships. By providing your staff with tools that enable them to work faster and smarter, you not only increase the quality of time you can spend with your patients, but also the total number of patients you can treat as a practice. Simply put, increased efficiency is the gift that keeps on giving.

Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology: Helping You With Your Gastroenterology Workflow Efficiency

It’s inevitable. Once you start digging into the various bottlenecks at your practice and exploring the EHR healthcare system solutions capable of helping you break through them, questions will come fast and furious. This is perfectly normal. Solutions—particularly EHR software solutions—are complex, multifaceted and require a great deal of vetting to ensure they align with your unique practice needs.

Our Gastroenterology Practice Efficiency Quiz should serve as an ideal starting point for your research. Once you’ve completed the quiz, reviewed your results and reassessed where your practice stands, gather up your questions and contact us at Modernizing Medicine Gastroenterology. As technology pioneers with many years of gastroenterology experience, we have a proven understanding of what it takes for practices like yours to realize meaningful process improvements.

Contact our team today at modmed.com/gastroenterology

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