EHR Checklist for Ophthalmology Practices

It’s no small decision to start down the path toward a new ophthalmology EHR system. If you’re like most practices, the software you utilize is the engine that drives all day-to-day operations and any change, small or large, can derail workflow and quality of patient care. And make no mistake: change is disruptive. Minimizing this disruption and helping to net positive results, means taking the time to properly assess your practice shortcomings and doing the due diligence required to identify the very best ophthalmology EHR software and systems.

Depending on how far along you are in the process, you may already have a solid idea of the issues within your practice that you’re hoping a new system will remedy or improve. To help you take the next step, we’ve developed an EHR Checklist for Ophthalmology Practices that breaks down the features and functionality made available by various EHR healthcare systems, what they do and how they can help address your unique practice needs. It’s an easy, at-a-glance reference you can use to compare EHR options and determine if your current software is delivering on what it promises.

Ophthalmology EHRs for Small- to Medium-Sized Practices

If you’re a small- to medium-sized private ophthalmology practice, the primary benefits you require from EHR software can differ from your larger counterparts. Whether you’re a one-provider practice or have locations nationwide, having the system you choose deliver key EHR features and functionalities tailored to your needs is essential. For practices of your size, a top common priority is the ability to consolidate workflow within a single platform to effectively streamline data and communications. As such, features that facilitate efficient practice management and productivity gains are incredibly important.

Ophthalmology EHRs for Large Practices

If yours is a large or private equity-backed ophthalmology practice, it’s almost a certainty that you are laser focused on business concerns. As your organization scales, so will your need for ophthalmology EHR features and functionality tied to your bottom line. For example, you will undoubtedly require increased visibility into the fiscal and operational aspects of your practices to best manage your growth. The best EHR systems deliver comprehensive financial features and functionality. Does your EHR?

Comparing Ophthalmology EHR System Features

When you begin narrowing down the various EHR software options you’ll be considering, it’s very important to not only do a deep-dive comparison of functionality, but of technical and support considerations as well. These factors can vary greatly from system vendor to system vendor and only by considering them in the context of your specific practice workflow can you determine those that will best serve your needs. For example:

  • Is your practice better suited to a cloud-based system or a server-based one?
  • Does the EHR vendor have a proven reputation for stellar customer service?
  • Will you be charged for software updates, data migration and user licenses?

The answers you receive to questions like these will help inform your final choice of EHR. When you’re confident you have found the system that’s right for you, make sure to be diligent and patient with the onboarding process. Know that the time you invest in initial research and subsequent implementation promises to reap very meaningful and lasting rewards.

Answers to Your Ophthalmology EHR Questions

Our EHR Checklist for Ophthalmology Practices was developed as a starter guide to the software features and functionality currently available in the market. Although it will likely provide many answers, it should also spur additional questions. If you need additional guidance at any point, please contact the ophthalmology specialists at Modernizing Medicine®. We’ve developed a well-deserved reputation for ophthalmology practice management expertise as the development of our best-in-class EHR software solutions is guided by on-staff ophthalmologists. We’re always here and always happy to answer any questions you might have.

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