What to Look for in an Ophthalmology EHR

If your ophthalmology practice is like most, the best days are the ones spent focused on patients. The satisfaction that comes from helping them live happier, healthier lives is why you do what you do. Unfortunately, many practices find their healthcare efforts sidetracked by underperforming EHR software; software that robs them of their ability to provide efficient, high-quality care.

Instead of adding more work to your day, the best technology should free you to focus on healthcare that brings the human experience back into the exam room. It should also intuitively adapt to your unique style of practice, remembering your preferences so you can deliver outstanding care faster. If your current EHR system isn’t delivering these types of baseline benefits, now is definitely the time for a change.

Researching and vetting new EHR options can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Having access to comparative data is essential. Understanding this, we’ve laid out a framework of ophthalmology software features that can help you operate more efficiently and effectively. Our Blueprint for Choosing Ophthalmology EHR Software highlights a full spectrum of EHR software considerations, giving you information to help you best assess and pursue areas of improvement in your ophthalmology practice.

Assessing Ophthalmology EHR System Features

When adopting or switching ophthalmic EHR solutions, it’s critical to have a clear plan in place as your choice of system can impact everything from your bottom line to your work/life balance. The best plans generally start with a features comparison.

The most effective solutions on the market combine the comprehensive toolset of a do-it-all EHR system with the focus of ophthalmology-specific software. Rather than forcing you to spend time and money building ophthalmic templates and functionality, the right systems will have it already built in for you. They typically include features like:

  • Subspecialty paths for cataract and refractive, retina, pediatrics, glaucoma and oculoplastic
  • Intuitive touch-based usability
  • Integrated ICD-10 ophthalmology codes
  • MIPS functionality
  • Automated bills and notes

In addition to addressing practice-specific needs, the top ophthalmic software should also effortlessly adapt to your daily workflow. For example, it should remember common clinical scenarios and adapt to physicians’ individual preferences, enabling quick capture of data needed for accurate ophthalmic billing.

Go Beyond the Features

After you’ve determined your desired features and the ophthalmic EHR software capable of delivering them, it’s critical to undertake a comprehensive systems comparison. In addition to features, server environment and support options should be key considerations. For instance, the most effective EHR systems currently on the market are cloud-based which means they allow for login from virtually any device. Unlike cloud-based solutions, systems powered by fixed server environments can limit accessibility and add significant cost and maintenance due to their reliance on expensive onsite server equipment.

The importance of training and support should also not be overlooked. Make certain to choose a vendor with an outstanding reputation and proven track record in these areas. There may be no greater factor in successful system adoption than the quality of onboarding and ongoing support from knowledgeable and responsive professionals.

Modernizing Medicine® is Here to Help

Whether you’re changing your ophthalmic EHR system or implementing a new one, the effort you put into identifying the right software is bound to pay big dividends. With a top-rated ophthalmology electronic health records system tailored specifically to your style of practice, you may be able to work faster, without interruption, and with a virtual medical assistant always by your side.

Throughout the research process, you’re sure to have questions. Please keep the EHR professionals at Modernizing Medicine in mind. We are experts on ophthalmology software because we’re the physicians that developed the one of the most comprehensive ophthalmology software solutions on the market.

Contact our team today at modmed.com/ophthalmology

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