Quiz: How Efficient is Your Orthopedic Practice?

If your orthopedic practice is like most, the best days are the ones in which you are allowed to focus solely on your patients. The care you provide is essential in helping them manage a wide range of musculoskeletal ailments—from back pain to carpal tunnel—and it makes it possible for them to live happier, healthier lives.

Because you spend your days diagnosing orthopedic issues, it can be hard to find the time to put your practice’s workflow through the same scrutiny. For instance:

  • How much time do you spend on data entry?
  • Does it get worse when you see more patients than usual?
  • Does finishing your notes keep you up at night?

As leaders in workflow efficiency, Modernizing Medicine® understands that these are the types of questions an orthopedic practice should be asking of itself on regular basis. It is also why we created this interactive quiz to help you quickly assess your operational health and diagnose productivity problems.

What are the Benefits of Improving Orthopedic Practice Workflow?

Patient and practice: The health of the two are inextricably bound. Often, a blind focus on patient health can lead to failings with a practice’s health. By setting aside the time to build an educated understanding of the productivity bottlenecks within your orthopedic practice, you can achieve an awareness of both the tools and techniques for breaking through them and the benefits associated from resulting efficiency improvements.

Increased productivity can lead to a boost in your bottom line, and there’s no need to explain why improved financial health is a desirable and tangible positive. However, what is often overlooked is the fact that workflow efficiency improvements also improve the end experience for your patients, including the quality of the experience you are capable of providing to them. It’s a virtuous circle. Simplified administration can result in more productivity, increasing financial health of your practice and the percentage of your time that can be spent on patients’ medical issues.

Orthopedics: A Culture of Innovation

As an immensely diverse specialty, orthopedics requires a great deal of its practitioners. From arthroscopic surgery to arthritis care, orthopedic practices must stay on top of ongoing advancements in a wide range of medical, physical, surgical and rehabilitative methods. Despite its depth and breadth, orthopedics has a well-earned reputation for being a field that has both embraced and thrived on focused innovation. Although long associated with patient care, this culture of innovation is quickly being employed to address the operational demands of orthopedic practices nationwide.

Evidence of this can be found in the range of specialized orthopedic software solutions that have made their way to market promising to help orthopedic practices streamline and simplify operations. The features and benefits of each can vary dramatically and choosing between them is far from simple. Knowing where the challenges lie within your practice is the first step toward identifying the innovative software tools you can leverage to help solve them.

Modernizing Medicine: Leaders in Orthopedic Practice­ Workflow Efficiency

It’s almost a certainty that when you start down the path toward a better understanding of the unique workflow challenges in your practice you will encounter a great deal of varied and valid questions. Consider our Orthopedic Practice Efficiency Quiz a starting point; a primer to help you begin identifying and asking the right ones. When it comes time to getting the answers you need, keep Modernizing Medicine in mind.

After you’ve taken the quiz and get your results, we’ll be happy to prescribe some tips for speeding up your workflow. As technology innovators that specialize in orthopedics, we have a deep understanding of what it takes for practices to realize process improvements and would love to help you get there.

Questions? Contact our team today at modmed.com/orthopedics

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