11 Steps to Help Successfully Switch Otolaryngology EHR Systems

Why Download This ENT Software Report?

For one, the report is provided at no charge and doesn’t require submitting any information. But more importantly, you should download it because switching ENT EMR software can be easier than you think.

Many practices experience issues with their current EMR software for otolaryngology, but they fear making a switch because they aren’t sure another system will be much better.

But the truth is, the right ENT software system can be one of your most valuable tools for helping improve your ENT practice.

Yes, there are many inefficient systems out there that don’t match ENT doctors’ real-world workflows. But there’s also newer ENT software built by doctors to be more intuitive and effective.

Instead of slowing you down, this type of software can help you document faster and deliver your best care.

Also, it’s possible for the switching process to go quite smoothly if you choose ENT EMR software with an easier learning curve, as well as a vendor who’s dedicated to helping you get up to speed fast. Some practices even start experiencing the benefits of their new otolaryngology EHR systems within the first couple of weeks.

The Path to Switching Otolaryngology EHRs

So how do you go about finding this type of high-quality EMR software for otolaryngology that makes the switch easy? And how do you make sure that the system and vendor you select will work for you not just in theory, but in practice?

It’s all about following the right steps and being informed on the industry, so you don’t miss any important considerations.

To make the process a little easier for you, we’ve put together a guide to switching your EMR software for otolaryngology. From initial brainstorming to specific vendor evaluation parameters, it breaks down each major step you may want to follow.

This report is designed for ENT doctors switching from a previous otolaryngology EHR system as well as those switching from paper.

We know you don’t have time to sit around reading long documents all day, so our report is a fast read, but it’s full of useful information that you can start putting into practice right away.

To start reading, just click the button below. The report will open up as an interactive PDF, which you can easily click through to navigate (rather than scrolling) if you open it in an Adobe viewer.

After You’ve Read the Report

So what now?

If you’re ready to start following the steps outlined in the report, beginning with evaluating your practice’s needs, consider getting in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you put together a list of the ENT software features you’d like to have. We can also help you identify ways that a new system might be able to help solve issues you’re currently experiencing.

Thanks to a practicing otolaryngologist who was disappointed with the other otolaryngology EHR options he saw, we’ve actually developed one of the only truly ENT-specific EMR systems on the market. He decided to work with us to build better ENT EMR software that would help solve the problems the inferior systems created—and it worked.

It’s called EMA™ for otolaryngology, and he still uses it at his practice today. It’s helped him document much faster, spend more time with patients and improve practice performance. Maybe that’s why Black Book™ has ranked it #1 for five consecutive years among ENT EMR software.

To find out whether our ENT EMR software might work for you, get in touch with our team.

Not ready to speak to our team yet? You can also keep exploring our website to get more information on EMA, our all-in-one suite of ENT software solutions and success stories from our ENT clients. Plus, explore our otolaryngology videos and blog posts.

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