What are nine keys to achieving greatness for your gastroenterology practice? A Gastroenterology EHR is Part of the Answer.

There’s typically always room for improvement when it comes to multiple aspects of life, and this holds true as it relates to the clinical, business and financial facets of your gastroenterology practice, too. Unlocking the keys to improve those three crucial functions can seem challenging if you don’t know exactly where to start.

In this guidebook, 9 Keys to Gastro Greatness, we will help you uncover crucial elements to unlock improved practice efficiency along with the functionalities you should look for in a gastroenterology electronic health record (EHR) system and endowriter.

The Clinical Keys

So how do you improve the clinical aspects of your practice? Where does technology, specifically a gastroenterology EHR system, practice management system or endowriter software come into play? Software options solely designed for GI-practices should help with automation of quality reporting and compliance. The capacity to compare yourself to clinical benchmarks while seamlessly incorporating a gastroenterology-specific EHR system into your current workflow can help you spend more time on what you do best—taking care of patients.

The Business Keys

At the end of the day, your practice is a business and needs the tools to optimize operations. So when it comes to gastroenterology software, what does this look like? Find out if a vendor’s gastroenterology EHR system integrates between an office and an ASC facility, and if it can track patient flow between locations. Interoperability and efficiency go hand in hand. So look for gastroenterology software that can interface with different health systems via HL7 and direct messaging while having access to data in near-real time. Technology should be used to your advantage when it comes to seamlessly running your practice.

Financial Keys

As a business owner, improving the bottom line is probably at the top of your ongoing list of goals. But how and where do you start? Verifying a patient’s insurance information prior to an appointment, along with a system that offers automated suggested coding, can help contribute to more successful business operations. Look for gastroenterology software that can help you accomplish both.

Peer Perspective: Gastroenterology Software

Don’t just take our word for it. Hearing from those who actually utilize our gastroenterology software serves as one of the best ways to truly understand how our GI-software suite may help your practice unlock the keys to greatness. You can read more of what they shared by downloading our guidebook, 9 Keys to Gastro Greatness.

“The gGastro EHR is designed for what we do as gastroenterologists, and that makes our lives easier. Why would we use anything else? We wouldn’t implement a cardiology EHR solution and try to make it work for GI. Having a single-specialty platform is invaluable and one of the reasons we’ll continue to use gGastro.” – EDWARD JURKOVIC, DO, DIGESTIVE DISEASE CONSULTANTS

“With (our solution) I’m able to generate organized, detailed reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to gauge our practice success, view claims and benchmark our performance against others. I have the ability to drill down to the specific information I need without sorting through unneeded data.” – PAMELA ISABEL, MS, CMPE, ADMINISTRATOR, WOODHOLME GASTROENTEROLOGY ASSOCIATES

“Having the gastroenterology EHR system, endoscopy report writer, billing and scheduling in one system is invaluable and enables me to access patient information quickly, no matter the healthcare setting. I can respond to a patient within two minutes of receiving an urgent message.”  – MICHAEL DIMARINO, MD, DIMARINO-KROOP-PRIETO, GASTROINTESTINAL ASSOCIATES

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*According to 2018 Black Book™ Research

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